Today, in India top SEO Companies are not only catering to domestic clients but are also providing quality optimization and seo services to companies abroad spread across different verticals. This is a welcome maturing of an industry which has always been cluttered with too many players, promising too many results, and often damp squib for results. Top SEO companies, India are however changing the rules of the game.

Top SEO companies, India:Objective KPIs are bringing the top results

One particular trait that sets apart top SEO services in India from the many others is the stress these top performers give to performance metrics. Such performance metrics are called KPIs i.e. key performance index. KPI is a common management term and a monitoring tool across industries.

Based in India, top SEO companies have uniquely tailored KPIs which are helping them build successful SEO campaigns. KPIs allow them to document, monitor, evaluate and improve their performance on a running basis.

Every website optimization service will monitor page-rank but that is a superficial measure. Are you tracking these following KPIs, which ideally are common-sense, but top SEO companies, India are efficiently using them to create brilliant SEO strategies?

  • Visitors per Keyword: Dissect, dissect, dissect. Crunch data for visitors per keyword. You will gain wonderful insights, and also detect wrong targeting.
  • Page visits by Search Engines: How is the indexation working? This KPI performing low means you have to revisit your site architecture, sitemaps and other technical aspects.
  • Conversion rate: This is what is going to make the client happy- the bottom-line of all KPIs, the hardest to maintain and the easiest to lose. Every SEO company monitors this KPI, but the analytical rigor must be exceptionally high for this one.

These are just 3 examples. In India top SEO companies leverage on many more analytical KPIs to deliver top results. Mercury Design is a based in India top SEO company, which uses such performance benchmarking tools to deliver and delight its SEO customers!