Out of box thinking! In a clamoring industry where every seo marketing company assures the best results and top page-rank, out of box thinking is catapulting a few of these companies to the top of the league, as trend-setters and trail-blazers. Here we explore some of the exclusive traits which these few companies evolved to become one of the top 10 SEO companies in India.

  • Top 10 SEO companies in India create high quality content that engages readers. This precedes any other activity, and one thing common to all of their work is good keyword-rich content.
  • Top 10 SEO companies in Indiabelieve in developing keyword research as one of their core competencies. Good keyword research includes understanding of consumer demographics and traffic pattern, as well as competitor analysis to derive technically relevant keywords. Sounds easy task, but surely far from it.
  • Top 10 SEO companies in India concentrate on website architecture for not only aiding easy navigability by human user but also search engine crawlers. They integrate back-linking, code optimization and tags so smoothly into the entire website architecture, it looks effortless. And that is the performance benchmark of top 10 SEO companies in India.
  • Integration and alignment are misused industry buzzwords, but yet are protocol practices of 10 top SEO companies in India. Though the primary work is about building a web presence, the end focus is always on building a long term sustainable brand image that is aligned with the client company’s business road map.
  • Top 10 SEO companies in India are extremely organized and transparent in their work and the client is always aligned with work done at the end of search engine optimization service. They document, monitor and analyze, therefore top 10 SEO companies in India at any stage of their progress are fully aware of their performance thus far, and have a clear picture of future strategic actions.

Accountability and focused efforts are in the DNA of top 10 SEO companies in India. And this DNA is what is making them push the boundaries.