Step-1 (45°)

Client Deep-Dive

This is the foundation of your entire SEO process. We analyze the dynamics of your brand and your business. We study your competitors, dissect your customer demographics and conduct traffic analysis.

We audit your website for its scope and performance from an SEO perspective. In case you are entering online marketing, we do website planning according to your business requirements. Our entire SEO work is structured around the insights that we derive at this first step.

Step-2 (90° )

Keyword Analysis and Research

This step naturally follows the first. Here we conduct keyword research for the SEO process using different tools as well as client inputs. Factors that influence keyword research are target audience, nature of business and many other psychological parameters for which we would have gained critical insight in the step-1 itself. All these factors together help us to derive keywords that will not only drive maximum traffic but are also brand-centric

Step-3 (135°)

Content Creation & page Optimization

This is the focal point of SEO process as the success of internet branding is primarily dependent on strong and effective content. We create new pages as well as review and optimize the existent pages. The trick is to smoothly incorporate the keywords in the content. We use techniques like LSI structures and interlinking to give momentum to the SEO process. We also improve the navigation structure of your website to enhance the user experience. The objective is to weave an SEO-rich content that drives search engine rankings while engaging the reader at the same time.

Step-4 (180°)

Code Optimization

This technical step follows content optimization in which HTML optimization is done. This activity makes the website Search engine friendly. All the tags in the website are written again with the intention of delivering better in search engine visibility.

Step-5(225° )

Site map generation

Our experts generate a SEO friendly site-map, a process that facilitates search engine crawlers in classifying and navigating your websites. This overall helps better search engine visibility. There are many other technical benefits of a site map, which is why we place high emphasis on this step.


Submissions Process

After finishing the ground SEO work on the website, it is manually submitted to various search engines and directories as per relevancy. Directory submissions is a very effective link building technique and we ensure that all directory guidelines are strictly adhered to, in order to get the best benefits out of the process.


Link Building Exercise

This step is all about building popular links that add value to your website. Our SEO experts strategically build links with popular, trusted and relevant websites. They also carry link building through blogs through which they create contextual backlinks to the website. Social bookmarking is another powerful tool. All these exercises bring more authentication to your website and push its rank organically upwards in search engines.

Step-8 (360°)

Reporting and Performance Monitoring

We provide you with a 360° report of the entire SEO campaign which keeps you aligned with our activities as well as the track of the progress. A typical report includes detailing of all performance indicators such as incoming traffic, conversions, rankings, click rates, visit duration etc along with key insights that will drive future improvements.