Executing SEO successfully for e-commerce can faze even the largest of search engine optimization companies. The vastness of content, immensity of competition and technical issues makes e-retail SEO an unique challenge unlike any other website product can. Even a seasoned top SEO company can fail to bring in good results, unless strategy determines every step of the process. In this blog, we elaborate a few key points that should be the central focus of a good strategy of SEO for e-commerce.

Content creation and differentiation

An e-commerce website, unless extremely unique in its product portfolio, is up against a significant number of competitors, each one trying to gain a foothold in a cut-throat market. So for a SEO service best way to stand out will be to create unique and engaging content. A website that looks and feels good will attract the fickle minded visitor to stay longer than he otherwise would. Interactive infographics, succinct and creative product descriptions, attractive layout and banners, all this go a long way in pulling customers, something that a top SEO company pays careful attention to.

Optimizing the URL, titles and product descriptions

Best SEO services pay specific attention to writing keyword rich description. This operation helps in higher indexing and ranking of the website. One of the first things that an efficient search engine optimization company will do is make sure that your product names and the keywords are in the URL itself (static URL) and not some static alphanumeric jumble. Also, the product name and description should be used in the image name as well as Alt tag. These are small details that make the difference, and no top SEO company ever misses them.

Reviews, Feedback, Comments: Customer generated content

Customer reviews, feedback and content sharing go a long way in establishing the repute of e-commerce websites and hence higher rankings. Yet, the search engine optimization companies should pay careful attention to the nature of comments. Spam and negative reviews can do more damage than good in the long term.

Apart from these obvious dos and don’ts, there are certain technical challenges that are typical to e-commerce, tackled by only thoroughly experienced search engine optimization companies. The most perplexing of these is the issue of duplicate content that is usually created when a single product has multiple URL variations in search navigation. Let us take it up by an example.

An e-commerce website will have Samsung S IV under the following categories: New Arrivals, Samsung Products, Smart phones, electronics, Smart phones above INR 30,000 etc. Such multiple paths will be usually recognized by search engines as duplicate content.

Now a top SEO company has technical ways to resolve this issue. Canonical tags for the matter. But that will be outside the purview of the blog. What is important that you as a customer are aware of the basics of SEO for e-commerce.

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