Pay per click advertising is one of the most successful internet marketing techniques, with quick results and targeted branding.

What is PPC: Pay Per Click?

The term is self explanatory, which in itself is the biggest advantage of this advertising model: Pay Per Click!

Consider an outdoor display banner on one of the busiest roads in an upscale business district of a city. It will definitely be expensive advertising. Now imagine, as an advertiser you pay only if someone stops and looks at the display. For each view by a passerby, corresponding cost. Hard to imagine?

Pay Per Click Advertising gives you the same cost flexibility on internet. You “pay per click” i.e. every time someone clicks on your ad, you incur cost for the ad. Even if only a small percentage of these clicks convert into sales, it works!

Although search engines are the best channel for PPC campaigns, PPC ads can be hosted on popular relevant websites. E.g. An university can place its PPC campaign on a popular education portal with relevant audience.

Pay per click advertising is often preferred because of the quick process: instant results, immediate recognition.

Manage your PPC campaign better with effective Pay per click Management

Keywords play a major role in Pay per click advertising, much like the rest of SEO. Leveraging the best out of keywords is key to having a successful PPC campaign. Choosing keywords corresponding to target demographics is very important to get relevant clicks which will convert into sales.

There are different PPC packages, which can be chosen according to the business context. A PPC marketing service can help you in managing your PPC campaign in bid management and placement of the ads. They can help you track your ROI. As per the performance of your PPC campaign, they will modify the bid, or rework the keywords.

What is Pay Per Click relevant for?

Almost all kind of businesses and services can benefit from pay per click advertising. Whether you are big or small, diversified or niche, effective PPC campaign can be tailor-designed according to your business requirements and target reach.

Mercury Design is one such well known PPC marketing service in India, which can help you bring the maximum sales conversion out of your Pay per click advertising, and high online impact!