Mark Zuckerberg  had no idea way back in 2004 how his website which was originally intended to snoop on exes in the Harvard campus, would turn out like. But Facebook is a phenomena today, the main propeller of the social media wave. Advertising on facebook is an industry subset in itself, given the immense opportunities and possibilities that the social-media website offers.

The Best Target advertising Platform

Your company sells tshirts with cool taglines and funky designs. Your target group is 16-28 years old, and urban. You also want to advertise a certain tshirt range only to a certain group of people e.g. rock band tshirts to music enthusiasts. No advertising format lets you exercise this kind of flexibility in choosing your target, except a facebook ad campaign.

Facebook knows nearly every aspect and detail of its user’s life: interests, hobbies, preferences apart from information such as gender, location and age. This really helps a probable marketer to customize a facebook ad campaign and market his facebook ad only to the right users. Sales and ROI are the clear winners here.

How to have a winning Facebook Ad Campaign?

  • Choose your audience well

The biggest leverage of facebook is also the key success parameter. You must choose the right profiles for advertising on facebook. Any lapse here and your facebook ad will end up on the pages of unrelated users. The whole targeted exclusivity that facebook offers can also make your facebook ad fail.       

  • Copy is the key

Facebook ads have character limitations. A winner copy is one explains it all curtly as possible, and attracts the user to click. Facebook ad copy has to be a short and creative sales pitch.

  • Bid Management

One critical aspect of a successful facebook ad campaign is to chalk out the pricing and scheduling. Depending on the performance and other parameters, bids for facebook ad can be changed. The objective is to maximize the ROI.

Leverage on Facebook Factor

If the users on Facebook are to be taken as a single country, Facebook would be the fifth largest nation with a whopping 955 million citizens. Any business that fails to leverage on the Facebook factor is missing out on a whole world of opportunities.

Social media services can handle all the three aspects of managing a Facebook ad campaign, provided you give the correct inputs. They allocate your budget in the best possible way, and monitor your performance, and create a unique Facebook brand for you.