To the SEO rookie, link building is the process of building relevant, inbound links to your website that helps in directing traffic and achieving higher results on search engines.

Good SEO companies in India compound the impact of your SEO campaigns by executing high value link building exercises.

What does one do link building?

Link building requires innovative thinking, networking and a good understanding of search engine dynamics. There are mainly two ways to do link building which are used by the best SEO companies in India:

  1.  Create a magnetic website that attracts people to link with it

This is the most “organic” way of link-building. Create a website so original and attractive, that people want to link with it. Popularity makes your website stand above the rest. Word-of-mouth, the oldest marketing strategy in the world at play. We at Mercury, one of the best SEO companies in India, have our content writers and creative team to do that, project after project!

  1. Submissions

SEO companies in India and elsewhere will be submitting your sites to directories, influential bloggers and press releases. Here contextual targetting comes to play.

Why one should be careful with link building?

To the uninitiated, link building can appear to be a simple spam-like activity. This might have been true a decade earlier, but today search engines have robust mechanisms in place. For any client company SEO services should ultimately deliver top results. However if the search engines detect unethical activities done to boost up site rankings, this can result in severe penalizing of the website.

The best SEO services in India will in fact approach link building holistically with a focus on contextual link building.

What is contextual link building?

A solid and structured SEO plan targets the right audience. And the same stands true for link building too. Suppose, your website deals in the education sector, assume it’s a educational institute. It is therefore imperative that the submissions based links that you earn should be directed back from academic and education sector. “Unmatched” incoming links can reflect poorly on your website’s quality. In fact Best SEO companies in India will conduct link-audits to check your overall inbound-links quality.

Mercury SEO experts firmly believe that irrespective of the nature of client company SEO services should focus on the quality of links, rather than quantity.

Mercury is one of the leading SEO companies in India offering SEO and a host of other digital marketing solutions to clients spread across the globe.