Go Visible with SEM

What is that one thing which is lacking in your website? The answer is Visibility; yes an effective online presence is where you’re falling short. We offer you our SEM services for Quicker and Top ranking visibility on search engines. SEM is a paid service which involves SEO marketing practices; giving your brand immediate visibility in search engines.

Our 360° Marketing Guarantee

Search Engine Marketing is not as simple an approach as it may sound. It is a very convoluted task which involves systematic planning and putting in strategic effort for best results. We provide skilled SEM services for our clients, which guarantee that a brand is marketed properly and gets more quality traffic to the website.

Expert SEM Managers

We are a leading Search Engine Marketing company in India. We specialize in effective web marketing services that work for a business. Our range of services includes complete digital marketing solutions to execute 360° SEM campaigns. Every business wants to appear on the first page of the search engine ranking on Google and Mercury helps them achieve this result.

Our experienced digital marketing team consists of efficient SEM experts who provide customized services as per the need of the business. Our technical beat the competition clutter with ethical and effective SEM services. With hands on experience we guarantee to meet end to end results for the clients across the world.

Reaching the Target Customers

One may develop a website, introduce it in the internet market but one can still not be sure that it will get its due recognition! To ensure that a website gets its due visibility in the market one has to resort to search engine marketing. Our 360? five step solutions will help you to optimize the best search engine marketing results for your site.

The Five Pay Per Click Campaign Services we offer:

  • Keyword Analysis & Research
  • Ad Copy Creation
  • Ad Placement
  • Bid Management
  • Calculating ROI


What Makes PPC a highly attractive service?

If you understand PPC as buying clicks for a website, then you need to know that it means much more than that. This paid service not only carries targeted traffic to your website but also increases the rate of ROI. Through the PPC campaign we control what is being advertised, using the keywords which will bring your ads in search.

Answers you might seek:

1. What is Pay Per Click advertising?

Pay Per Click is a service provided by Search Engines allowing you to design and bid for placement to the right, bottom, or side of the natural Search Engine results. You are only charged when your ad is clicked on.

2. What’s the difference between PPC and Organic SEO?

Pay Per Click Ads are paid whereas organic SEO strives to generate top non-paid search positions where majority of searchers click. In SEM you can dictate to the search engines which keywords will trigger your Ad to appear and at SEO the search engine determines which site appears based on the relevancy of the search term entered by the user.

3. What is the difference between PPC, Pay Per Click, CPC, Paid Search and Sponsored links?

There is no difference Paid per click is called by many names. All of them are form of online advertising. Relevant ads appear when a particular keyword is entered.

4. How SEM Makes a Difference?
  •  Highly targeted advertising
  •  Geographic advertising
  •  Competitive advantage
  •  Instant results
  •  Tracking success
5. Who sets the price for the keyword?

The price for each keyword is based on supply and demand. The Search Engines will typically start the bidding price and competition will raise the price. The higher is your bid, the higher your ad will appear.

6. How does the Search engine charge me when doing PPC Advertising?

You are only charged by the search engine, when someone clicks on your Ad and is diverted to your website.