Is your site listed amongst the first three results on Google result page? If not, have you ever thought of the reason? Nearly 70% of the traffic ONLINE visits the top five results listed on the page. So if you are not listed amongst the top five, you’re missing on the valuable traffic conversions for your site Big Time.

Are You Digitally Ahead?

With our Digital Consultancy services we’d help you to knock off the competition on search engines. Be it getting a good Google rank, enhancing your online reputation or earning more social media exposure, we can help you with all. Using our services you can improve your website ranking and ROI significantly. Trust Us!

How Are You Benefitted?

Our digital consultancy services are helpful for both an existing business and new setups. We evaluate your business and the target-audience to give you the perfect mix of digital strategies as per your resources. Effective search engine marketing is the key to survival for a brand ONLINE, helping it further in the right direction.

We produce high performance results and accurate online marketing solutions which are easily measurable. Our technically sound team has the skills needed to formulate fully integrated Digital Marketing strategies. Also they have the ability to ensure that ultimately, those set targets do become a reality. We as an SEO company in India have an excellent track record which goes a long way proving it.

Our 360° Consultancy Services

In a rapidly changing digital world, what is essential for a business is to flourish. You need to market your business amongst your target audiences and for this you have to adhere to efficient SEO services. And we at Mercury offer 360° fully integrated digital strategies for you to sustain and grow in the ONLINE business world.

Our Working Strategy

  •  Client History
  •  Competitor’s Analysis
  •  Develop Online Promotion Strategy
  •  Set up for Social Media Marketing
  •  Measure ROI
  •  Measure Performance after Marketing


Answers you might seek:

1. Why would I use Digital Consultancy Service?
  • To increase the traffic to your site
  • To convert traffic into customers
  • To increase your profit margins
  • To stay ahead of your competitors
 2. How Digital Consultancy works?

Digital consultancy service connects your website to the rapidly changing online arena using a combination of SEO services. The advice given by the consultants work in longer run in favor of their business.

3. What services are offered in a ‘Digital Consultancy Package’?
  • SEO
  • Link Building
  • PPC
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Brand Protection
  • Social Networking Campaigns
  • Competitor Analysis
 4. Who will be benefitted from the service?

All the branding, websites who want complete branding solutions, to stay ahead in the online marketing industry need the services. They might be locally, regionally, nationally or globally based but digital consultancy help them with customized solutions.

5. How can we retain customers?
  • Know the need of their business
  • Creating Awareness about their Shortcomings
  • Develop Accurate Strategy
  • Maintaining Transparency