Mercury is a leading SEO service in India and offers a range of digital marketing solutions that have helped businesses create and sustain internet ecosystems for a considerable time now.


SEO is the core of Digital Marketing and holds the key to a successful online presence. Mercury’s website optimization service leverages on two key expertise:

  • Understanding of search engine algorithms and SEO techniques
  • Understanding of visitor psychology

With our 360° optimization approach, we optimize your websites for search-engine performance while ensuring rich content, effectively a win-win situation for you with both high search-engine rank and customer connect, all at very AFFORDABLE PRICES.


Search Engine Marketing essentially refers to paid internet marketing. Typical platforms are:

  •  Search engines
  • Other websites which are relevant to your product/service.

At first look SEM seems to be simple- just pay and get online visibility. But it’s much more than that!

What other top SEM services often overlook is cost- effectiveness. Mercury sees to it that every penny of yours counts!

We carry out extensive background research and customer-profile study to execute 360° SEM campaigns which have the perfect placement and MAXIMUM IMPACT.

Online reputation Management

With digital expansion of business comes the need to monitor and manage your digital reputation. ORM is a critical tool offered by Mercury that helps you manage your brand’s online presence. The multi-step process is customized according to clients’ business verticals and other needs. However, our end objective is to always create a 360° POSITIVE BRAND IMPRESSION!

Digital Consultancy

Mercury offers digital consulting services that help you bridge the challenging gap between your brand aspirations and digital marketing requirements.

We evaluate your business and the target-audience to give you the PERFECT MIX OF DIGITAL STRATEGIES as per your resources. We also give you long term blue-print for your online marketing aligned with your future business plan, so that you tap all the growth opportunities at the right time and at the right costs.