We are an SEO service in India comprising of a bunch of hyper-motivated souls whose sole aim in life happens to make websites more valuable, viable, and visible.

We have been in the sphere of internet marketing for a while now, building on which, we have entered SEO. We are helping a wide array of clientele register strong internet presence with our SEO solutions.

We don’t have 360 reasons to tell what sets us apart. But we will give you 4 simple reasons to assure you that you have come to this page for good, and this is where your search ends.

SEO is an extension of our digital experience, the experience that equips us with latest technical know-how and best practices to bring out the best out of your internet resources. We are obsessed with Internet. Even our jokes are about search-engine crawlers.

We focus on research and traffic analysis in order to draft content that is relevant to both search-engines AND viewers. So next time you find one of our SEO-experts reading up on “Cheesecakes that changed the World” be assured the ongoing work is about a confectionery-chain’s website, or a Change-the-World Think-tank. Alright, may be not the latter.

We don’t stuff keywords which makes a website look like one for Gypsy Granny’s crystal ball predictions (Read untrustworthy). Placing a strong emphasis on Organic & White-Hat SEO, we create Internet ecosystems that are not only strong as per search-engine visibility but are also interactive, thus creating strong brand perceptions.

Mercury is also extensively involved in mainstream and digital communications, giving us the natural insight to look at SEO projects from a brand-building perspective which even top SEO companies in India overlook. We have seen “food home delivery” websites optimized for well, home-birth services. No, that wasn’t us. We optimize food delivery for just food delivery.

If you were expecting secret CIA leaked algorithms or Voodoo spells for top google results, we don’t have that. We wish we did, but00 we don’t. But when we do SEO, we simply strive to do just real good SEO. And that is Mercury Design for you.

And when we mentioned “for a while now”, we meant 13 years, a year less than the average life-span of a sea lion. Did we tell you that we also love dropping random facts?